Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentines annual bowling

Another year of family Traditions. I think this is like the 4th or 5th year of us going bowling with the girls for our valentines day. The girls are getting older and Carlie is understanding that we go bowling for it and she asked us this year if we were going to do it this year and of course we had to go it would be Valentines day with going. 

Carlie helping Kaylee 

The girls with grandpa
We had a good amount of family that joined us this year too 
KayLee is getting to be a big girls and can do it by her self now and that is a little sad for me. 
Carlie still thinking she needs to help her. And I still love that. 
Jill with Nat
Seth had to get one of me 
love this one of KayLee 

I don't know what this face is about but its a good one 
Carlie always has to have the baby as much as she can 
Jill and Mataya
Cindy (mother-in-law) took this picture for Seth and I 
A good one of Carlie 
Every One again 
And our scores 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Out with the old and in with the New!!

We have had this futon since we bought our house and it has been good to us but it was time for something a little nicer for new family room. Something that looked a lot better then a old futon. 
Well I got it a lady I work with was selling her couch and asked if we new of anyone that would like to buy a nice couch for $100.00 and I told we would if it was the color we were wanting to get for the family room. Seth and I went up and looked at it and it was just perfect for what we were looking for and so we got it from her and I love it. It looks so good in our new room. Now I just need to get stuff on my walls so it looks more like home!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Camp Run-A-Muk

Well Carlie mad it anther year!! She just turned 7 in the 19th of January. I gave her a list of themes she could pick from to do her party in this year and she pick Camp Carlie I have to say I had fun planing it but Then Seth came in and said lets do it at Outer Limits Fun Zone. So then she wanted to do that so I just tryed to do my best on doing the camp theme with the Outer Limits! I think it turned out good  and I think every one had a lot of fun!
 her is her invitations I made I let her pick out the colors of her party and she picked out 
Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue, and Brown. It was very cute
 I had to work at Geraldine's Bake Shoppe and Deli the morning of her Birthday so I make her this BIG sugar cookie. She wanted to eat it for breakfast but I would let her. 
Here is her Cake!! I love how different it is for a Birthday Cake. I found it on the internet and the lady that made if had the recipe for the graham cracker part so I mad it all 
I had the cake all made and sitting on the table (the day of Carlie Birthday) and I walk into the kitchen and found KayLee siting on the table, and she told me " I eat Carlie's cake" and had taken this chunk out of it. I didn't have any more frosting to just fill it in so this is how it went to the party. 
 I know the cake would feed every one so I made cupcakes for eveyone with mini smore's on them that I made as well 
I made her a birthday  banner to go with the theme 
and then I went to the DI and found these jars and came up with little thing to fill them up with that were camping things so her have Twigs (pretzels)
 Catch of the Day (Swedish fish)
 we had our Grizzly bears (gummy bears)
And what would be camping with out snakes. (gummy warms)
I made a Smore's trail mix as well 
 Then I had some glass picture frames that I painted the back sides of them in the colors of her party and cut out then little animals to go with every thing 

I have to say I think I over did my self I love the decorations I made for the party!
 Here is one group picture 
 I love the BIG grin she has on her face she was loving having every one sing to her! 
I let her have a Friends party ever other year so it lands on her odd birthdays and this is a year she got to have friends come to her party. 
I love how I got her blowing out the candle and you can still see a little flame as she is blowing it out 
 then it was time to open gifts 
 I love this picture she was so happy to get the beads!!
 this one was a good one for her as well she just love to draw and color. 

 Outer Limits takes the birthday party to the back where the miniature golf is and takes a picture of the party and then they print it up and give it to the Birthday Girl as a card for her birthday! I was so nice that they did that 
 I love the colors of  everything in the black lights so I was trying to get some pictures of them. They all are blurry but it still looks cool 

 Carlie was in this one 
And this one is KayLee
 I tried to get pictures of everyone playing but it didn't turn out as well. But here is Kaiden and Joey 
 My Brother Adam 
 Spencer helping Carlie get some candy
and then Adam and the boys and Carile cashing in there tickets so they could buy there prizes. 

It was a very fun day and I just can't get over how BIG she is getting. It fills like I just had her.
She keeps me on my toes and I love her for that she is a wonderful BIG sister to KayLee and 
loves her family very much. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her in my life! 
Love you Carlie and stop Growing please you make me fill old!